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Affordable Health Insurance for Your Team

Validus Healthcare Network offers affordable health insurance plans that reduce cost, increase productivity, and provides revenue optimization for your organization. 

Health Insurance

Our experts help you combine elements from the below plans to create the best solution for your employees, both full and part time, at a cost you can afford.

Low Deductible, Premier Plans

High volume users prefer low physician, prescription, laboratory, and other co-pays.

High Deductible, Value Priced Plans

Many individuals want the security of catastrophic health insurance, but prefer to pay out-of-pocket for physician visits, prescriptions, and laboratory fees until a higher deductible is met. HSA plans help budget for these expenses on a tax advantaged basis.

Low Priced MEC Plans:

  • Avoid employer penalties up to $5,000 per FTE/year.
  • Provide desirable benefits to employees in competitive labor markets.
  • Improve attendance rates and employee efficiency.
Affordable Health Insurance